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RENAIO Assets nimmt operativen Geschäftsbetrieb in Polen auf

19. November 2019

Die Augsburger RENAIO Assets GmbH ist auf Expansionskurs: Mit der Gründung einer Tochtergesellschaft im polnischen Breslau wächst die innovative Investmentgesellschaft im Bereich der Wasserkraft weiter und erhöht mit den geplanten Zukäufen in Polen die Diversifikation ihres Fonds.

Die Augsburger RENAIO Assets hat am 31.10.2019 die RENAIO Hydro Polska S.z.o.o. mit Sitz im polnischen Breslau gegründet. Das aufstrebende Investmentunternehmen RENAIO sieht in Polen eine Vielzahl renditestarker Investitionsmöglichkeiten bezüglich Kleinwasserkraftanlagen. Mit dem Start der operativen Tätigkeit in Breslau erschließt RENAIO für das Portfolio ein weiteres Investitionsland und bleibt damit planmäßig auf Wachstumskurs.

Aktuell befinden sich in Polen sechs Wasserkraftwerke in der Prüfungsphase, wobei bei einem Kraftwerk bereits mit der technischen und wirtschaftlichen Due Diligence begonnen wurde. Der Abschluss des Kaufprozesses ist noch in 2019 geplant. Der Erwerb eines ersten Kraftwerkes in Polen erhöht die Diversifikation des RENAIO Infrastrukturfonds Wasser planmäßig.


RENAIO acquires two hydroelectric plants in the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Augsburg, 19 August 2019

The RENAIO Infrastruktur Fonds S.C.A., SICAV-RAIF, an open-ended infrastructure fund focused on hydroelectric energy, added two such plants outside Udine in the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia to its portfolio on 19 August 2019: “Ospedaletto” and Zompitta”.

Together, the two power plants output more than 1,060 KW and produce around 4 million kWh of clean electricity annually. This supplies electricity to about 1,300 households a year with no CO2 emissions.

The 5.65-million-euro transaction was carried out in only three months. Both power plants were completed and connected to the grid in late 2017. They’ll earn a steady feed-in tariff of 21 cents/kWh through 2037.

The Zompitta plant is equipped with a Kaplan Dive 1600 turbine built by the company Zeco and perfectly customized to fit the local conditions. A newly developed Kaplan-VLH turbine is being used in Ospedaletto; it was designed specifically for the local conditions of the Tagliamento River where the plant is situated.

Preparations are also underway for the acquisition of a third power plant in Piemonte. We expect them to be concluded in the next few weeks.



The RENAIO Assets GmbH and Hauck & Aufhäuser set up the first open-ended infrastructure fund focused on hydroelectric power

  • Shift to a cleaner, less centralized energy supply that uses fewer resources

  • Electricity production with no CO2 emissions

  • Sustainability Principle: For investment, cash flow and yields

  • Planned dividends: 4% p.a.

Luxembourg, 21. March 2019

The RENAIO Assets GmbH and Hauck & Aufhäuser set up the first open-ended infrastructure fund focused on hydroelectric power: the RENAIO Infrastruktur Fonds S.C.A., SICAV-RAIF. The aim of the fund is to follow the revolution in energy and give investors the opportunity to invest in small and midsized hydroelectric plants while both earning a healthy yield and doing something good to protect our climate.

The fund invests solely in the EU 28 (+ Switzerland), with a focus on hydroelectric power plants producing between 200 KW and 5 MW and an expected return of 6 per cent. The fund selects its target plants according to strictly defined criteria. Consequently, most of the power plants that enter the portfolio are located in and around the Alps and have a track record of two to three years. This is diversified by acquiring a selection of new, turnkey plants already connected to the grid. No investment is made into power plants still under construction, in order to eliminate project planning risks.